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FOREVER GREEN FOOD is specialized in Farming , processing and exporting for Shrimp products in Viet Nam We have a fully accredited EU processing plant partners and have achieved certificates such as: Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), British Retail Consortium (BRC), ISO 22000, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), and Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), etc….







1. Receiving raw materials

The raw materials seawater shrimps in head on form are preserved in plastic boxes which ice at the ratio 1:1 after harvesting and then transported to the factory by insulated van. The temperature of the raw materials kept below 050C. The raw materials are received providing supplier’s guarantee. As mentioned in SOP the standard of the raw materials in maintained.

2. Head on

Only fresh head-on shell-on shrimps is shorted out to process head-on shell-on IQF product.

3. Wash in running water

HOSO shrimp are washed with running <5ppm chlorinated chilled (<60C) water

4. Chill storage

When raw materials is received beyond capacity of running processing some quantity of shrimps are passed to chill storage where the shrimps are kept in plastic baskets and iced at the ratio of 1:1 and the baskets are put in an order that FIFO (first in first out) can be maintained easily.

5. Export grading

Grading is done manually. Shrimps are graded as per international standard. The grading procedure is described in SOP.

6. Wash in pressure water

After grading and checking is completed, shrimps are washed with pressured <5ppm chlorinated chilled water, below 60C.

7. Freezing

Shrimps after being washed are placed on stainless steel conveyor belt (feeding point) of spiral freezer to freeze the products. The shrimps are frozen at -400C until the core temperature of the frozen product achieve to -180C to -200C

8. Glazing and hardening

After completing the freezing cycle, it is unloaded, then glazed and hardened (if required) as per buyer’s instruction. It is done in packing room adjacent to ante room.

9. Weighing

After hardening the shrimps are weighted as per buyer’s requirement.

10. Packing and labeling

The product is packed into a printed poly bag, labeling and marking is done carefully. Then the poly bags are put into master cartons as per buyer’s requirement.

11. Receiving packing materials

Packing materials are received in good condition and stored on salves or dunnage according to items

12. Dry storage

All packing materials stored in dry storage on salves/ dunnage according to items which is well ventilated, dry, dust proof and insect proof

13. Frozen storage

All master cartons of frozen products are stored in the frozen storage according to the type of the product and lot by lot to make shipment easier. FIFO procedure is maintained during shipment

14. Export

After marking and labeling properly, the master cartons of the frozen product are loaded into refrigerated van and transported from factory to the port for export.

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