FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP was initially established in Jan 11th, 2016 with its major function as a processor, exporter of  Pangasius, Tilapia and seafood products for. At the moment, FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP collect the raw material in Mekong Delta ( Tien Giang, Vinh Long, An Giang, Dong Thap Province…) for processing and exporting Pangasius, Tilapia and seafood products.



The General information for Forever Green Food Group as follow:


- Abbreviated name: FOREVER GREEN FOOD

- Business registration licence No.: 1201514060

- Business sectors: Aquaculture, processing, exporting aquatic; trading ...

- Certificates of quality standard: HACCP, HALAL,…

- FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP Exporting markets:

+ Asia: Thailand, Philippine, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore…

+ Europe : France, Italy, Poland, Netherland, Spain…

+ Latin American: Mexico, Colombia, …

+ Middle East & Africa: Qatar, Dubai, Jordan, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Algeria…

- Main Office: 717 Commune 2, Dao Thanh Village, My Tho City, Tien Giang Province, Viet Nam

- HCM Office: Floor 14th, HM Town, No 412 , Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Ward 5, District 3, HCM City, Viet Nam

- Mobile Phone: +84975. 777.483 

- Email:  

- Email:   

- Website : 

- Website :

 - Website : 




• Continuously develop quality products and value innovation.

• Provides excellent service for the delight of the customer.

• Develop competent, responsible, and highly motivated professional employees through training and development.

• Contribute to the welfare and development of the country and the community.




FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP become a leading supplier for Pangasius, Tilapia, seafood and agricultural products 





+ One Stop Source for premium quality pangasius, tilapia and seafood products

+ Main products include frozen pangasius, frozen tilapia, frozen fish and other seafood products.

+ Sourced for pangasius, tilapia and seafood products from Viet Nam

+ Customized packages are available to meet the highest requirements of our clients

+ Shipped to any seaport in the world (CIF)

+ Full container shipment with 20FCL and 40FCL




FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP have more than 15 years of valuable experiences in handling and delivering pangasius, shrimp, mackerel, tuna and seafood products all around the world. We have specialized in farming, processing, exporting and sourcing for Importers, Wholesalers,distributors and retails customer around the world




FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP have more than 15 years of valuable experience in handling and delivering seafood products all around the world. We have skilled professionals are employed to ensure precise order handling and quick delivery time for our clients.
Our export specialists will prepare all required documentation in the most professional manner. Sophisticated logistics tracking services will be provided for convenience of you.




FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP have long-established partnership with over 30 frozen seafood manufacturers in Viet Nam and around the world. Years of experience and knowledge of frozen seafood business, gives us advantage in getting the best prices for our clients.
We also actively invest in innovative opportunities to increase our supply chain efficiencies. It allows us to lower the costs of delivery and pass those savings on to our customers


One of the core values at 
FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP is putting quality over quantity! We have own Quality Control Team to ensure premium quality for our clients.
We also fully realize that Quality Standards and Certifications are essential to provide our customers with products of high standards. All our products are eligible for Global Quality Standards and Certifications: MSC, HACCP, FDA, BRC, Kosher certificate.




FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP feel obliged to deliver the best quality products to our clients, we are also highly responsible to protect the nature that provides us with myriad benefits in our life.
It’s in the best interest of our business to consider the long-term vitality of fish species and the well-being of the marine environment.





(Forever Green Food Group - Ho Chi Minh Office)


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP particularly attaches importance to controlling the origin and quality of the raw materials used for manufacturing products because we know that the products meet high quality, delicious and fresh flavor or not will depend mainly on the original raw materials


(Forever Green Food Group Farming Pangasius)


All the raw materials of our suppliers have to ensure an easy traceability and reach the international certifications of sustainability independently. Suppliers must have the standard equipments to test water sources, microbiological and ecology system. QC Team of FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP must be allowed to take samples at any time.




(Forever Green Food Group Pangasius Farming)

In order to undertake a commitment to ensure raw materials at optimal quality, Our suppliers have built a vertically integrated system, from breeding, farming, processing, aqua-feed to cold storage.

From the beginning of establishing farming areas, our suppliers have concerned about this and started to build International standard aquafarm Our farming area follow strictly guidelines according to International standards to ensure minimizing negative impacts on the environment of aquaculture.


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP brings all Pangasius, Tilapia and seafood products from Farming to factory processing and supply to worldwide customers all over the world with control quality from beginning processing products to the consumers.




FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP’s factory is located in An Giang Province, also known as the “country town” of the Mekong Delta, which is beneficial for the transportation of fresh fish and raw materials to the processing factory by waterway. Remarkably, the construction of riverside dock has optimized both the transportation and the arrival of the materials.


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP has been paying close attention to food safety and  has prioritized the benefits of consumers in all of its activities ever since the first few years in operation. With the slogan “Good Food, Good Health, Good Life,” FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP will continue improving and developing core values of product quality to become a prestigious, trustworthy brand in both domestic and international markets.



(Forever Green Food Group Processing Line)

At FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP, we have in modern facilities and equipment to adapt to the increasing quality and quantity of the market. The ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP program has been applied to our production line in order to ensure the best quality and safety products. Besides, our skilled workforce is one of FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUPs advantages. We are proud to own a team of workers and technicians that have more than 20 years experience in the fishery industry. High qualified human resource is the core value that determines FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP's product quality and brand reputation.




(Forever Green Food Processing Line)


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP is specialized in Farming , processing and exporting for Pangasius in Viet Nam We have a fully accredited EU processing plant partners and we are proud to be able to export our products directly to the EU under EU establishment as well as other qualifications awards and certificates such as HACCP, Halal, …






(Forever Green Food Group- Pangasius Processing Flow Chart)


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP have each step to process raw materials from pangasius is always performed meticulously and skillfully. Firstly, the blood is removed to ensure the whiteness of the fish flesh, without any blood left among the sections. Next, the fish are filleted. The filleting requires flexibility and skillfulness of the performers. The cuts must be fast and accurate to make the fillets more eye-catching. After filleting, the fish fillets are sent to skin removal, where the fish skin is detached from the flesh by a skinning machine. The skinless fillets are eventually transported to the shaping phase. This is an essential process in shaping the products, so it must be done properly and meticulously. The well-shaped fish blocks are then categorized according to size, which is an intermediate phase within the production processes at the manufacturing facility. The fillets, after categorized by size, are processed and rinsed before being weighed and sent to further steps such as arranging the fillets in trays or putting them on IQF conveyor belt with a modern large-capacity and quick-freezing system to eventually produce appealing, standardized frozen fish fillets. Packaging is the last phase to complete the final products representing the company’s brand.


(Forever Green Food Group-Pangasius Packing)

To allow the manufacturing procedures to achieve high efficiency when it comes to dates of completion. There are several cutting-edge facilities to assist in the packaging, guaranteeing 100% of the delivery dates as assigned in the contract with the clients. The packaged final products are refrigerated in the cold storage system, which is built and equipped with cutting edge facilities imported from Japan. The cold storage of FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP utilizes sophisticated technology and methods to keep the products at the standardized temperature of -18 C. The final products after being packaged are preserved in a well-organized, scientific order. The commodities are also well-monitored to ensure both quality and quantity for any particular order at different periods in the storage.  


(Forever Green Food- Pangasius Loading)


For FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP, each successful delivery to the company’s partners or the consumers is a message about the product quality as well as the company’s sincere gratitude to clients in and out of the country who have been trusting and supporting FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP for the past many years.


Pangasius is a proud of Vietnam's Mekong Delta, where it provides the most suitable environment in terms of climate and water conditions to produce. Pangasius has become a popular food to consumers, and now it also supplies raw materials for the beauty and supplements industry. Following the standardization in production,


(Forever Green Food - Pangasius Product)


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP brings the high quality pangasius based on customer order which are well-trimmed fillets, untrimmed fillets, semi-trimmed fillets, HGT, Steaks, whole gutted, butterfly and breaded fillets. FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP are committed to deliver the finest naturally-white, plump and firm, sustainable farming and manufacturing.


We are proud to deliver the most qualified products. At FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP, we conduct a consistency quality control system from the first stage. From our end-to-end value chain of pangasius production, our products always achieve exceptional quality that satisfy customers around the world.




FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP are selling these brands worldwide with each difference products. We have the brands; you have the local knowledge.



(Forever Green Food Group Brand Name)

We are looking for partners who can build our brands in the seafood market. Let us work to bring these together to make a real impact in your marketplace. With our innovative marketing support and product knowledge, we can help to strengthen your company’s prominence in your market.


With more than 15 years of experience and knowledge in the seafood field and master the seafood market in Vietnam and around the world, FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP have specialized in farming , processing, exporting and sourcing for frozen seafood products in Viet Nam and we only cooperate with prestige and invest in farms of raw materials with competitive strengths that we consider to be consistent with the sustainable development after our careful research



(Forever Green Food Group Processing Line)


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP listen to our customers’ quality requirements to set up clear framework contract for each category of products with suppliers in a long term period. Basing on the most rigorous quality standards, we control all of our products from raw material input, processing time, additives, frozen process, packaging, warehousing to distribution.


FOREVER GREEN FOOD GROUP set up an extensive and intensive system of quality control on each item of Pangasius,Tilapia, mackerel, seafish, riverfish, shrimp, tuna, squid and maintain the daily presence and control of our QC team in both of farms of raw materials and plants during the production process.

Call Now : (84) 975.777.483
Call Now : (84) 975.777.483